Merlin Racing
Merlin Racing

Magic, mayhem and mini-karts, - what more could you ask for ?

An evil witch has captured Merlin the Magician and enchanted Camelot. You must help by defeating the witch's minions at their own game. Merlin Racing features a wide variety of races, vehicles and cute, cuddly characters. Strap on your helmet, put the pedal to the metal, and remember - only the best of the best can hope to save Merlin !

Four modes of gameplay - Adventure, Tournament, Arcade and Time Trial
* Ten cute and cuddly characters from which to choose
* More than 25 unique tracks in a variety of settings
* Three different types of vehicles ; mini-karts, swamp-buggies and futuristic hover crafts
* Bonus items : grenades, rockets and turbo-boosts
* One or two players - race alone or go head-to-head with a friend



Platform : NUON Interactive DVD
Developer : Miracle Designs
Publisher : DVD International
Territory : Worldwide
Release date : Q4/2000


Extra: See celebrities such as Traci Lords, Amy Jo Johnson and Melissa Joan Hart play Merlin Racing at E3 2000.